Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Guy Does Exist

After posting "Quick Photoshop Op," I found out the subject of the image I used does, indeed, exist.

His name is Chris Kemp; the image was is mug shot from Gresham, Oregon. Kemp, 37 years old, was arrested when Carlos Castillo found him in his home the day after Christmas of 2003. He entered the house through an upstairs entrance, finding holes punched in walls. Armed with a stick, Castillo reportedly confronted Kemp in his kitchen while rearranging appliances. The crazy part is that Kemp was wearing clothes belonging to Castillo's mother...including her leopard skin hat and matching scarf. Realizing he was caught, Kemp agreed to sit down and wait for police to arrive. He also stole Christmas money, but he removed it from his pocket soon after being discovered.

The scratches on Kemp's face are the supposed result of a prior battle with a brier patch that he lost (refer to above post for photo).

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