Monday, January 18, 2010

Gotti Got Away

John "Junior" Gotti, Jr. is not going back to any court to truly face his mob-related charges. Gotti has been in court four times for the charges, but the jury always failed to reach a verdict...shocking. Gotti is the son of the infamous John "Teflon Don" Gotti, Sr.. The nickname, "Teflon," arose from the prosecutor's lack of ability to make charges "stick" to him.

On January 8, 2010, a New York judge signed paperwork deeming the prosecutor's case officially closed. The charges Gotti escaped include two counts of murder and other charges such as kidnapping. Now, Gotti plans to leave the US to write crime stories.

I look forward to Gotti taking the O.J. route, though--publishing a book full of implicit confessions. Of course, I also enjoy those old gangster movies like "Goodfellas" and "Casino," so Gotti's book (if he ever publishes it) should be an interesting read. Perhaps he will entitle it, "If I did It." That is what O.J. Simpson did. However, a federal bankruptcy judge gave the publishing rights of O.J.'s book to Ron Goldman's family. Goldman's family then renamed the book, "If I did it: Confession of the Killer." As a side note for anyone who did not watch television in 1994 [EDIT: O.J. Simpson's wife was murdered in 1994; the trial began (and ended) in 1995], Ron Goldman was the guy O.J.'s wife was, supposedly, seeing on the side. Thus, O.J. (allegedly) brutally murdered both of them. Technically, his guilt was never proven beyond a doubt. Prosecutors had his glove, a shoe and a motive. Still, the jury returned a faux pa "not guilty" verdict. He has since then managed to get himself arrested/convicted for other crimes, so he is resting in prison unless he is allowed to parole around 2013 [EDIT: O.J. Simpson will be elligible for parole in 2017].

Curtis Sliwa is the guy who Gotti allegedly paid someone to kidnap, beat and shoot. The only thing he can do for justice, since the criminal case was dropped, is pursue civil charges. If Gotti was able to escape criminal charges, I highly doubt civil court hearings will end differently.

Hey. Maybe the civil judge will award Sliwa royalties from Gotti's book.

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